RRDB L!VE Data Quality APIs

Contact Validation API

Contact Validation API

All-in-one contact data standardization, correction and completion with FREE postal move update and appending of DOB & Gender.

  • Formatting:
    • Phone numbers 
      • 10 digit without any special characters (i.e. 8885551212)
    • Postal addresses
      • Standardized single line address
      • Proper casing
      • 2-digit state code
      • Zip code +4
    • Email
      • To lower case
  • Proper Casing:
    • Names, addresses, city, state and email
  • Auto-Correction:
    • Correct misspellings in names and addresses
    • Correct typos in email (i.e. gmaill.com -> gmail.com)
  • Appends:
    • DOB if missing and available
    • Gender if missing and available 
    • Marketing Codes
      • FIPS & CBSA codes
    • Append missing city, state or zip
    • Postal address moves
      • Postal address updated to latest address if a move is confirmed
  • Result codes indicate which data points are associated with each other
Contact Validation API + Append

Contact Validation API + Append

Contact Validation API features + append missing, malformed, or incorrect name, address, phone, and email.

  • Append name (or name replaced if contains vulgarity or suspicious words)
  • Append missing first name & last name if availible 
  • Append missing/incorrect postal address if available
  • Append missing/incorrect city, state or zip if available
  • Append missing/malformed email if available
  • Append missing/malformed phone number if available 
Contact Enhancement API

Contact Enhancement API

Append demographics: Education, political party, ethnicity, income, children, marital status, occupation, home owner & more.

  • Premium Demograhpic Appends 
    • Children Age Range
    • Education
    • House hold Size
    • Political Party
    • Presence Of Senior
    • Credit Card User
    • Ethnic Code
    • Ethnic Group
    • Household Income
    • Marital Status
    • Length Of Residence
    • Presence Of Children
    • Occupation
    • Homeowner or Renter
Email Validation API

Email Validation API

Perform real-time/live email hygiene & verification to identify hard bounces, spam traps and other email threats.

  • Identifies hard bounces 
  • Identifies threats such as, spam traps, complaianers and more
  • Checks to ensure email is valid
  • Checks to ensure email is deliverable 
Phone Validation API

Phone Validation API

Verify numbers are valid, determine line type and carrier details. Premium verification determines number is live.

  • Verifies number is live
  • Verifies number is connected
  • Option to add callerID data.




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